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Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

The firm believes that we need to develop a city and not a building. Seeing the way Varghese Builders have worked constantly in the development of Dharampura is magnificent. I believe the best part of Varghese Builders is our Manging Director. He is a Case study in himself. His daring entrepreneurship flare began this company back in 1990's. Varghese Builders came in a point of time when the place lacked resources and today we stand as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We believe the development of the town should be aided by bringing in good infrastructure and that's the reason we work on high-quality modern life style projects in Dharampura. Further Customers are our top most priority. The quality we deliver to them stands above the profits in our list of priority. Being the CEO, the thing that makes me most happy every night is when I see that  there are no complaints in my complaint register. As a CEO, my goal, my aim, my vision is to create the best ecosystem; an ecosystem where my customers, my employees, my affiliates, my suppliers & the crowd of the land stands happy. We do a lot to achieve it. We deliver excellent quality work to our customers, we provide all types of support to our employees when they are in need, my affiliates get the best incentive in the market, my suppliers always get their payments without any delay, the crowd gets funded for organising events and development projects. When I speak about the crowd, I wish to emphasize that my firm firmly believes that it has a corporate social responsibility and we do everything we could do to serve the people. We fund events, we fund schools, we fund religious institutions, whenever they need our helping hand. Often people ask me what makes Varghese Builders stand out from others in the market. I believe the answer is very simple. Quality of projects, trust and satisfaction of customers, and 'it's my company' feeling of each of my employees, is the very answer to the question. I am very excited to see how our upcoming ultra modern apartments are going to shape the land. I while concluding my message want to let every one of you know that I love having personal communication & relation with people. You may contact me on facebook fb/shine.v.saji. I also request you to let me know of any improvements I can bring. Tweet me @shinevsaji.

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