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Green City

After the completion of Varghese colony phase IV, Varghese Builders presented GREEN CITY . Live happily as you dream. After getting marvelous result at the five sites made by Varghese Builders, came our sixth colony"GREEN CITY" We hope that you will enjoy the construction . At each building there follows 4 to 5 levels of quality construction. This project is built at Dharampura, JDP, Bastar, C.G., India  For more information contact usWe request you to spend a few minutes watching our promo video.

We know that you believe our high quality construction unless and until you see it. That is the sole reason why we allow you to enter our construction area. So why are you waiting for ? Visit our site , Put on your safety helmets & enter our high quality construction.

We understand your urge to view sample photographs . Here's a view of the actual photographs of our project.